Shiga Kogen, surrounded by enriching nature, is located in the Alpine skiing slope used in the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano. Various tourists enjoy Ichinose area for its environment, well facilities and safety. The magnificent landscape of the winter wonderland would fascinate you.

​Shiga Kogen will express every chapter of seasons in Japan. The spring awakening, breaths in wind in the Summer, dramatic change of colors in the mountain in the Fall, and the dance of powdery snow and the winter fairies will fascinate you.



​・Accommodation fee during Ski season. 

​・How to use internet in our hotel.


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The guest rooms, both Japanese-style rooms and Western-style rooms are designed to be calming spaces. The shower of soft and natural sunshine and a nice view of our hotel will bring you some comfort.

​Japanese-style room type 01

​Japanese-style room type 02

​Western-style twin bedroom

​Western-style triple bedroom

If you stay at Kodama Hotel, you will be served breakfast and dinner per night. Please enjoy our special food.

Examples of food. ( They would change every season. )


We will preserve all guests high quality services and facilities at Kodama Hotel.


The hotel is located in Ichinose village which is in the Shiga Kogen National Park.
There are many hot springs and sightseeing spots in the surrounding area.


Check-in; 3pm / Check-out; 10am

7149 Ichinose Shigakogen Hirao, Yamanouchi-machi, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano, 381-0401, Japan.



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